Get Date #

Returns current date, depending on what you select.

Box Name Type Description
Variable String Variable to save the string in
Year Boolean Include a year
Month Boolean Include a month
Day Boolean Include a day
Week Day Boolean Include a week day
Hour Boolean Include hours
Minute Boolean Include minutes
Second Boolean Include seconds


Set Clipboard #

Changes the contents of your clipboard to whatever is in the string box.
You can then use Right Click-Paste or CTRL+V to paste it anywhere else.

Box Name Type Description
String String The string you wish to save in your clipboard.


Load Clipboard #

Loads the contents of your clipboard (after using CTRL+C) into a variable.

Box Name Type Description
Variable String Variable name to save the string into.


Open URL #

Opens any URL in your default browser. Must contain http or https to properly work.

Box Name Type Description
URL String URL to open


Execute Program #

Launches any program from your PC.
If LioranBoard is running as admin, any program you launch through this command will also run as admin.

Box Name Type Description
File Path String Path to the .exe file you wish to run. Can be a full or relative path to the Receiver folder.


Command Line #

Execute a command line command just like you do in Command Prompt. Only one line of code.
If LioranBoard is running as admin, commands you perform will also run as admin.
If you want to execute more than one line of code or the command is not executed properly, convert it to a batch file and use Execute program command instead.

Box Name Type Description
Command String Command you wish to execute.


String: Sound Name Pull #

Pulls the names of the sounds that were played by this button.
The name returned will be a file name excluding the path (E:\Stream\sound.ogg will return sound.ogg).

Box Name Type Description
Variable String Variable name to store the pull in
Array Number Real Which sound to get in order they appear in the list. <br>0 will be the one at the top of the list.


Alert Message #

Shows a small yellow alert message at the bottom of the Receiver.

Box Name Type Description
Message String The message you want to display


Popup Message #

Shows a window popup message.
Useful for extension creators to be able to easily notify the user of important events.
Will not freeze the Receiver, but it’s still recommended to use it rather sparingly.

Box Name Type Description
Message String The message you want to display.
Use # to add a new line and \# to display #.


Overtime #

This command lets you add a cooldown to a button, artificially increasing the duration of the button and preventing it from triggering again.
This is a useful command if you want to make sure your notification alerts do not overlap or if you want to prevent viewers from triggering your buttons over and over again without any cooldown in between.

Box Name Type Description
Overtime Duration (ms) Int The amount of time the overtime (cooldown) should last. <br> The countdown starts as soon as the button is triggered.


Send to Extension #

Sends data to an extension in your Transmitter.
The values change depending on which extension you use.
If you select manual in the extension field, you can send a JSON string directly to the Transmitter.

Box Name Type Description
Extension String Name of the extension.
Various values Any These change depending on the specific extension.