Update and Backup

Auto Update LioranBoard #

There is a simple Auto Updater for LioranBoard you can download and use every time you need to update your LioranBoard.

Manually Update LioranBoard #

Download and unpack Lioranboard zip file.

  • Update LioranBoard Receiver - replace LioranBoard Receiver.exe and data.win in LioranBoard Receiver folder with the new files.
  • Update LioranBoard Stream Deck (PC or Android) - simply replace the folders in lioranboard folder
  • Update Transmitter - replace tsl_transmitter.html file in lioranbord folder. You will need to reinstall all your extensions.

Back up your data #

LioranBoard is a self contained app in lioranboard folder, you do not go through the process of installing it like with other apps.
This means you can freely copy the whole lioranboard folder to another computer and it will work just the same!

You still need to back up additional data if your LioranBoard uses AppData folder to save your files. Look at the bottom of your LioranBoard Receiver. It will say say either local or appdata.

Determining folder where config files are saved
Determining folder where config files are saved
  • Local - you can just copy the whole lioranboard folder and you’re done! Or, if you want to back up your decks only, select and copy all the configs.ini files.
  • Appdata - go to C:/user/%username/appdata/local/lioranboard and copy all the files. Back it up together with the lioranboard folder.
    If you do not see appdata`folder, you must enable Viewing hidden files and folders in Windows