OBS Studio

LioranBoard communicates with OBS via OBS Websocket (OBSWS), which allows you to remotely control and listen to OBS Studio events.

Install OBS Websocket #

We recommend installing the latest 4.9.X version. Please note that the upcoming OBS Websocket 5.0 and above is not compatible with LioranBoard.

Connect LioranBoard to OBS Websocket #

Once you have downloaded and installed OBS Websocket, you can proceed with connecting it to LioranBoard in a few easy steps.

1. In your OBS, click on Tools-Websocket Server Settings
(if you do not see the option, it means OBS Websocket is not properly installed)

  • Enable Websocket server must be checked. Default port is 4444, which you should not need to change.
  • Decide whether you want to Enable authentication (password protection) for OBSWS. This means anything connecting to your OBS will have to provide the password you enter below, including LioranBoard.
    If you decide to use a password, note it down as we’re going to need to also tell LioranBoard about it.
  • All other options can be left at default (unchecked).
    Example of OBSWS Settings in OBS Studio
    Example of OBSWS Settings in OBS Studio

2. Back in your LioranBoard Receiver, click on Options.

  • OBSWebsocket Port is the same port from step 1, which should be 4444 as default. You should not need to change it.
  • OBSwebsocket Password - fill this out if you decided to use a password in step 1. Otherwise leave it blank.
  • Auto connect to OBSws - check this if you’d like LioranBoard to automatically connect to OBS as soon as you launch it.
  • Hit Accept!

    Example of OBSWS Settings in LioranBoard
    Example of OBSWS Settings in LioranBoard

3. Still in LioranBoard Receiver, click on Connect to OBS.
You should see the following yellow notification messages:

  • Connected to websocket
  • Fetching OBS data, may take a few seconds.
  • OBS Studio Version: X, OBS Websocket Version: X
  • ALL OBS data have been fetched.

    OBSWS Connection Message in LB
    OBSWS Connection Message in LB

If you happen to NOT receive all the messages, please refer to our Troubleshooting section.

Control OBS from LioranBoard #

You can now remotely control your OBS Studio with LioranBoard OBS commands.

1. Navigate to an existing deck or click on Add a new deck in your LioranBoard Receiver
2. Right click on an empty grid and select Create Blank Button
3. Click on the and add your OBS command(s)

  • Example 1: Switch to previous scene
    Switch to previous scene
    Switch to previous scene
  • Example 2: Change text in your Text (GDI+) source in OBS
    Change text in your Text (GDI+) source
    Change text in your Text (GDI+) source
  • Example 3: Change position of a source
    Change source position
    Change source position

4. Click Done in your edit button screen and then Done again in your deck. This is an important step to save your button!
5. Press the button in your LioranBoard StreamDeck while connected to OBS to execute the command(s). (LioranBoard Stream Deck(PC) can be found in your lioranboard folder.)

Listen to OBS events in LioranBoard #

You can trigger buttons in your LioranBoard by listening to events in your OBS Studio, such as switching to a new scene or enabling a studio mode.
You can find a detailed guide to setting up your OBS triggers in our Triggers-OBS section.