LioranBoard can connect to your Twitch account, remotely control it and listen to events in your stream.

Link a single Twitch account #

First we need to authorize LioranBoard to interact with your Twitch account.

  1. In your Receiver click on Link your Twitch button. A new menu will pop up and you will see the following options:
    • Account - select Main for linking a single Twitch account
    • Scopes - you can give LioranBoard permissions as to what it can access.
  2. Click on Open URL which should open a new browser window and redirect you to Twitch to authorize LioranBoard.
    Press Authorize and wait to be redirected again to see All good, you can go back to LioranBoard now message in your browser.
  3. Go back to your Receiver. You should see a green text Token was obtained successfully. Token will expire on XXX. It means you will need to repeat this process again on this date. Don’t worry, LioranBoard will remind you when it’s due. Press Close.
    Successfully linked Twitch account
    Successfully linked Twitch account
  1. Press Connect to Twitch button. The button will grey out and you should see all the following yellow notification messages:

    Successfully connected to Twitch
    Successfully connected to Twitch

In your Transmitter, Pubsub and Chat status should change to Connected or svg image. Congratulations, your Twitch account is now connected!

Link multiple Twitch accounts #

You can link multiple Twitch accounts to your LioranBoard. This is useful if you want to use a different Twitch account to send Twitch chat messages from. It makes it easier for your viewers to tell the difference between you personally interacting with them and any automated messages you have set up in LioranBoard.

1. Link another Twitch account

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the right account at Twitch.tv, the one you want to link.
  2. In your Receiver, click on Link your Twitch.
  3. In the Account dropdown menu, select Alternate 1 (if you’re linking a second account).
  4. Fill out the login input box with your account’s login name (all lowercase characters).
  5. Alternatively add more Authorization Scopes if your account needs them.
  6. Press Copy URL. You will get a popup warning you to check that you used the right login name from step 3. Press OK.
  7. Press Copy URL again. A yellow message should show up: Waiting for authorization. Do not close this window.
  8. Paste the URL in your browser and authorize it. You should get redirected with All good, you can go back to LioranBoard now. message.
  9. Back in your LioranBoard, there should be a green message: Token was obtained successfully..
  10. Press close and you’re done!

2. Listen to Twitch events from your alternate account(s)
LioranBoard will automatically listen to events from all your alternate accounts. This does not include chat.

3. Listen to Twitch chat messages from your alternate account(s)
Use Twitch: Join Channel command if you wish to listen to chat messages in your alternate Twitch account that you just linked.

Button which auto connects to your alternate account
Import JSON button

4. Remember to specify channel name when using Twitch: Chat message command
If you’ve linked more than more Twitch account to your LioranBoard, you must specify the channel name in your Twitch: Chat message command. Otherwise the message will be sent to your primary LioranBoard account’s channel.
All chat messages will be sent from your Twitch account that’s marked as Main in the Link to Twitch menu.

Connect to Twitch #

Once you successfully link your Twitch account(s), you can press Connect to Twitch button in your LioranBoard Receiver. You should receive the following yellow notification messages:

  • Twitch is connected
  • Secure Twitch Chat connected
  • Listening for Channel Points Redeems
  • Listening for Bits donations
  • Listening for Channel Subscriptions
  • Listening for Chat moderation

    Twitch successful connection for a single account
    Twitch successful connection for a single account

For multiple Twitch accounts you should also receive yellow notification messages prepended with Listening for Alternate Account…

Twitch successful connection for multiple accounts
Twitch successful connection for multiple accounts

Listen to Twitch Events #

Once you link your account(s) and press Connect to Twitch button, LioranBoard automatically connects to Twitch PubSub and Twitch Chat IRC.

LioranBoard natively listens to:

  • Subscriptions
  • Bits
  • Channel Point Redeems
  • Hosts
  • Raids
  • Chat Messages

A guide to setting up native Twitch triggers for your buttons can be found in the Triggers-Twitch section.

Eventsub Webhook
Extends LioranBoard’s functionality and listens to Followers, Predictions, Polls and Hype Trains, adding extra triggers for each event.

Listen to Twitch Chat #

Join Chat
Your main account automatically joins your Twitch chat and listens to all messages.
Special rules apply for multiple Twitch accounts.
LioranBoard can join any other Twitch chat channel (even one you do not own) with a Twitch: Join Channel command.

Listen to chat and whisper messages
A guide to setting up Twitch chat triggers for your buttons can be found in the Triggers-Twitch section.

Send chat messages #

LioranBoard can natively send Twitch chat messages, whispers and commands (if the linked account has the permissions) to any Twitch chat channel by using Twitch: Chat Message command.

See a list of all possible Twitch chat commands.

More Twitch Controls #

Premade extensions
There are several preinstalled extensions in your Transmitter.

Change Twitch Status
Import JSON button

Viewer Count
Import JSON button

Subscriber Count
Import JSON button

Bits Leaderboard
Import JSON button

Get Profile picture
Import JSON button

Get Channel ID
Import JSON button

Community made extensions
Our community made extensions allow you to further control your Twitch stream. You can find them all in our Official Discord Server in #releases channel.

Examples of commmunity made extensions:

  • Get latest subscriber and follower
  • Create Marker
  • Create a new clip
  • Get Clips
  • Create and modify channel points
  • Create new predictions and polls