Install #

Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it. You will see the following files:

  • tsl_youtube.html - this is your new Transmitter to use with YouTube Live.
    Read How to Run Transmitter if this is your first time using LioranBoard
    • You can also download the newest version of clean Transmitter for YouTube from Github
    • if you wish to use YouTube Live with your original Transmitter (i.e. you stream both on Twitch and YouTube), you can simply install the integration without replacing the Transmitter at all
  • youtube_live.lbe - this is your YouTube Live extension file. Please follow our guide on How to install an extension. Make sure you select tsl_youtube.html (or your original Transmitter file) to install it in.
    Don’t forget to completely restart (close and reopen) LioranBoard as the integration sets up some OBS triggers that only update after you relaunch LioranBoard.

Did you receive this popup warning: You have set up an OBS Trigger for Stream Started event, however you changed the original trigger name ?
If you get this warning after installing the extension, follow these steps:

  1. In your Receiver go to OBS Trigger menu
  2. Find StreamStarted Listen Event and click on it
  3. Look at the Trigger. If it’s not StreamStarted (same as the Event), you need to edit your LIVE INIT button in the YouTube Live premade deck:
    1. Right click on the button-Edit Twitch Triggers.
    2. The third trigger in the list StreamStarted needs to be renamed to whatever Trigger you use from step 3.
    3. Click Done and Done again.


Link your account #

You must Authorize the integration to allow LioranBoard access to your YouTube Live account and to retrieve your refresh token. Please follow all the instructions in the link provided.


Check your connection #

After linking your account and editing the INIT button with your refresh token, reload your Transmitter.
The status (both in your Transmitter in YouTube Live tab and your Stream Deck) should change from Disconnected to Ready. This means your refresh token is correct and LioranBoard is ready to start listening to events once your stream goes live.
Once the status is Ready, the following commands become available: List Categories, Get My Channel Stats, Get Member Info, Get Subscriber Status.


Go live #

LIVE INIT button
This button should be automatically triggered when LioranBoard detects your stream is live.
Make sure your OBS is running and connected to LioranBoard, as well as your Transmitter.

Once the button is triggered, a few things should happen:

  • YouTube Live Status should change to Listening (both in your Transmitter and Stream Deck).
  • LioranBoard should start listening to all the events listed under triggers in your Stream Deck: Subscribers, Members, Milestones, Super chat, Super Stickers, Chat Messages, Live Chat Ended.
  • The following commands should now be available to you: Send Chat Message, Ban/Unban user, Update Broadcast, Get My Broadcast Stats