Which Transmitter to use #

YouTube Live Transmitter #

If you’re going to only stream on YouTube Live, you should use the included tsl_youtube.html as your Transmitter. It only includes YouTube related integrations.
You can also download the newest version of Transmitter for YouTube from Github

Regular Transmitter #

If you’re going to regularly switch between streaming on YouTube Live and Twitch, you can use the original Transmitter included with LioranBoard or download the newest version from Github.


Features #

The YouTube Live tab in your Transmitter has a bunch of useful features.

View channel info #

This will show information about your channel stats. Refreshes once per Transmitter reload.

View broadcast info #

This will show information about your current broadcast stats. Refreshes once per minute.

View available categories #

Shows all available broadcast categories.

Test events #

You can use the test buttons to send fake events to LioranBoard. They will mimic the real events YouTube sends. Some buttons have options you can fill out as well.

Event replays #

If you enable event replays, all recent (max 15) events will show up in the dropdown menu. You can then either replay the event or display the event’s raw payload from YouTube.
Transmitter will remember the state between reloads.

Error logging #

If you get any errors, they will be all saved in a log and available to download as json file.
This feature now only works if Transmitter is running outside of OBS in your browser.