Trigger Button #

Triggers any button by its ID.
If the button ID does not exist, sends an extension trigger instead.

Box Name Type Description
Button ID String/Number ID of a button you want to activate.
Hidden Delay Int This exists to make a button happen without greying it out in case the button is showing valuable info.
The delay is hidden and cannot be cancelled.
Queue-Able checkbox If checked and the button is already activated, it will wait for it to finish and trigger the button again. Will get queued as many times as you execute the command.
If unchecked and the button is already activated, nothing will happen.


Modify Button/Group #

Changes the appearance of a button or group (color, text, image and border).
All changes are temporary, the button will return to its original state if you reset or close and reopen Receiver.
If you wish to reset the button back to its default appearance, set the values to buttond_id, -1, -1, -1, notext, leave empty, -1.

Box Name Type Description
Button ID Any Button ID or group ID to change the appearance of
Text String New button text. Use -default- to revert the button to its default value.
Picture String/File Select File name of an image to use. You can use the file explorer or manually type it.
Border Int Size of the button border, between 0-8.
Use -1 for default border size and 0 for no border.
Set Color checkbox Whether you want to also change the button color.
Color color picker Select new color for the button.


Stop Button/Group #

Stop the given button/group ID or all the buttons (in all decks) from running. You can choose to stop ongoing and queued buttons, too.
If you stop all buttons, you can specify whether you want to stop the button performing this command as well.

Box Name Type Description
Button ID/Group ID Any Button or group ID to stop, use all to stop all buttons
Stop Ongoing Checkbox Choose whether the ongoing buttons should be stopped
Stop Queued Checkbox Choose whether the queued buttons should be stopped
Include Self Checkbox Choose whether you want to stop this button as well


Block Button/Group #

Blocks or unblocks a button/group by its ID.
Won’t cancel an ongoing button/group but will prevent any already existing queue from happening when its turn comes.
The block does not persist when LioranBoard is restarted.
By setting the ID to all you can remove all current blocks. This only works for unblocking buttons.

Box Name Type Description
Button ID/Group ID Any Button ID or Group ID to block/unblock
Block Checkbox Checked = block a button, Unchecked = unblock a button
Allow Queue Checkbox Checked = queue will wait for button to be unblocked and then will continue as normal
Unchecked = any queue when the button is blocked will be ignored and deleted


Button Get Own ID #

Returns an ID of the button that executed this command.

Box Name Type Description
Save Variable String Variable name to save the button ID