Update and Backup

Auto Update LioranBoard #

LioranBoard 2 comes with an auto-updater that allows you to update or verify the Receiver, Stream Deck and Transmitter. While LioranBoard is running, right-click on the LioranBoard 2 icon in your system tray and select Check for Updates.

If there are updates available, you will be able to update or verify the LioranBoard 2 components to make sure you are on the latest version.

Back up your data #

LioranBoard 2 is a self contained app in the LioranBoard folder, you do not go through the process of installing it like with other apps. This means you can freely copy the whole lioranboard folder to another computer and it will work just the same!

Unlike LioranBoard 1, your decks are no longer individually saved as configX.ini files. Instead, your decks are now saved as a json file that you can locate in the folder named json in your LioranBoard folder. Back up deck files are created automatically by LioranBoard, called decks_data_old.json and decks_data_veryold.json.

Your current decks are saved as decks_data.json.