Patch Notes

LioranBoard 2 2022.3.2 CE #

New Features #
  • Added the option to disable Enhanced Protection Mode, allowing LioranBoard to modify/delete any file. [Christina]
Improvements #
  • Removed the ability to see your Stream Deck password as plaintext if you disabled the Stream Deck. [Christina]
UI Changes #
  • Updates to the Update Viewer Window [wolbee]
    • Download button now shows if a component is missing
    • Buttons now show “Revert”, and Column header shows “Previous”, if Latest Version is not ticked
    • Changed status icons
      • green means version numbers match (may still need to Verify though)
      • yellow means update/revert available
      • red means missing
Bug Fixes: #
  • Fixed a bug where the Release Commands warning was cowering behind the Open Docs button. [wolbee]
  • Fixed a bug where Revoke Token needed to be clicked twice in order to work. [Christina]

LioranBoard 2 2022.3.1 CE #

Important Security Patch #
  • Disabled file saving/modification/deletion from folders outside of your main LB directory.
    • The LB Dev team discovered that previous versions of LioranBoard 2 allowed any files on your computer to be modified, even if they were outside of the main LB directory. This meant that previously, anyone could delete/modify your decks, or any important files on your PC, with a single command.
New Features #
  • Added new Trigger Pull Data value outcome_amount for predictions (returns the amount of outcomes) [Christina]
  • Added two new Twitch Moderation Triggers: deny unban request, approve unban request [Christina]
Improvements #
  • Ctrl + Left/Right navigate properly in text boxes [Roadie]
  • Updated the alert system to allow for multi-line alerts, including from the Alert Message command [wolbee]
  • Delete Key now works when held [Roadie]
  • Spelling fixes [Roadie, wolbee & cyanidesugar]
  • New Transmitter V6.1 is available [Christina]:
    • Fixed non-existent usernames when testing Twitch triggers
    • If you input custom username in Twitch Chat Message test trigger, it will automatically retrieve user ID to match it
    • Added Twitch Poll, Prediction and Hype Train test triggers (thanks goes to Chrizzz for providing me with example Hype Train payloads)
    • Added YouTube test triggers
    • Changed favicon to our new CE butterfly [wolbee]
    • Note: Twitch test triggers will ONLY work if you’re using this new Transmitter with LB version 2022.3.1 or higher
  • Changed how YouTube retrieves access tokens, and patched a potential security issue to prevent any other programs from accessing it and potentially depleting the project quota [Christina]
UI Changes #
  • none
Bug Fixes #
  • Fixed high CPU usage bug [Roadie]
  • Fixed new extension install bug when using Transmitter V6.X [Christina]
  • Get Variable Type now returns “button” if given a button ID instead of a variable [Christina]
  • Using Ctrl-Z in a delay box no longer crashes the Receiver [Roadie]
  • Updater fixed to check latest and previous forks for most current and second most current release [Roadie]
  • Fixed the size of the Wait Until Variable Is command [wolbee]
  • Fixed Trigger Pull Data for polls incorrectly returning poll name for poll_id pull value instead of poll ID [Christina]
  • Fixed LioranBoard crashing after receiving Twitch deny/approve unban request trigger [Christina]
  • Fixed misbehaving text in the Init Variables window when Persistent Variables are off [wolbee]
  • Fixed a bug where a button wouldn’t get pasted if it went off the grid - you will now be prompted whether you want LB to resize it and paste it anyway [Christina]

LioranBoard 2 2022.3.0 CE #

New Features #
  • Delete key works in text boxes [Roadie]
  • Added option to select a secondary Twitch Client ID [Silverlink] - this is an optional setting for now, but will be required in the future, which will require you to relink Twitch accounts and re-duplicate channel points made with LioranBoard
  • Transmitter updated to V6. You can keep using V5 if you do not use the new secondary Twitch Client ID [Christina]
  • Added the option to reveal Transmitter in File Explorer [Christina]
Improvements #
  • Automatic Updating works again and is safe to use (only for version 2022.3.0 and up). Huge thanks goes to [Roadie]
  • Changed Get HTTP Request to HTTP Request, since it supports other methods too [Christina]
  • Changed version formatting to 2022.X.X [LB2 dev team]
  • Twitch Scam Train renamed to Twitch Hype Train [Christina]
  • Get Twitch Connection command now accepts empty box for Account login name, which will default to the main Twitch account if left empty [Christina]
  • Confirmation message for copying multiple commands [wolbee]
  • Cleaner Trigger Pull Data dropdown [Sebas]
  • Cleaner and additional OBS Triggers [Sebas]
  • Due to Twitch Prediction outcomes changing from 2 to 10, the following has changed [Christina]: The old Twitch: Create Prediction command was renamed to Twitch: Create Prediction 2 Outcomes (all your previously made commands will still work) Added new Twitch: Create Prediction command that accepts an array of outcomes (max 10) Get Latest Poll/Prediction command can now retrieve Prediction Outcome 1-10 ID Trigger Pull Data command can now retrieve Outcome 1-10 Info
  • Made commands that have default JSON code in text boxes taller so the code can be seen [wolbee]
UI Changes #
  • Changed the LB2 icon [LB2 dev team]
  • Added default channel to the Channel label in the Twitch Chat Message command, to show which channel the message will be sent to if the channel name is left empty [Christina]
  • Text/Label modifications, including clearer descriptions, spelling checks etc. [Christina]
  • Changed input box names to better reflect what should be put into them: [Christinna] Save Variable As => save the result into a new or existing variable Added ms, s, db etc. to relevant boxes
  • Added donation, Discord and documentation buttons [Christina & wolbee]
  • Changed copy command icon to the regular copy icon (originally scissors) [Silverlink]
  • Changed move command icon to something more recognisable [wolbee]
Bug Fixes #
  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from resizing the text box and changing extension box color when sending extension commands from Transmitter [Christina]
  • Fixed a bug with overlappable, non-persistent, non-queuable buttons not working if triggered with the Trigger Button command. [Christina]
  • Fixed a bug where the Command Line command would not show under Windows commands [Christina]
  • Fixed a bug that defaulted Fetch OBS Data and Custom Packet to OBSws5 syntax [wolbee]
  • Fixed YouTube crash for Member renewal events [Christina]
  • Fixed clipboard clearing on LioranBoard start up (only works for text, images still get cleared) [Christina]
  • Fixed Get Variable Type command returning undefined for any button variables (which are all objects) [Christina]
  • Fixed ini files not properly getting .ini appended when the file name is 3 letters long [Christina]