Extend LioranBoard's functionality with our community made extensions.

Install Guide

Extensions are meant to add new functionality to LioranBoard. They’re made by the LioranBoard community.

We recommend installing only officially released extensions on this website or our Discord server that have been verified to be safe to use. We’re not responsible for any harm or loss of data caused by malicious extensions.

Install an extension:

  1. Download the .lb2 extension file
    • If you’re downloading the extension from Github, please refer to the screenshot below.
      Correct way to download an extension file from Github
      Correct way to download an extension file from Github
  1. (optional) If you want to select a different Transmitter than the one you’re currently using, click on Transmitter - Select a Transmitter and select a new Transmitter file to install your extension to.
  2. Click on Transmitter - Install an Extension in your LioranBoard
  3. Select the .lb2 extension file you downloaded
  4. If the extension requries Transmitter to be running, your Transmitter will automatically refresh and a new extension tab will be added. You should also see it added in at the bottom list of all the extensions.
  5. Most extensions include a premade deck with buttons. If you do not see one, create a new button, press + - Extension Commands - Your Transmitter and select the extension name. If you do NOT see this menu, it means the extension either does not require Transmitter or you did not properly install it.

Uninstall an extension (if extension requires Transmitter)

  1. Click on Transmitter - Uninstall an Extension in LioranBoard.
  2. You will see a dropdown menu of all extensions. Click on the extension you wish to uninstall and press Yes.
  3. The extension is now completely removed from your Transmitter.
  4. You must delete your uninstalled extension’s deck manually.

Protected extensions

Extension developers can choose to protect their extension decks and their buttons. If the particular button is protected, you cannot copy the button, its commands or see what’s inside nested commands (if they’re closed). You may still add new commands, modify or delete them.