OBS Transitions


Change Scene Transition #

Temporarily changes the transition of a scene. Lasts until you use Remove Scene Transition command.

Box Name Type Description
sceneName String Scene name you are going to switch to
transitionName String Transition name to use
transitionDuration Int Duration of the transition in milliseconds


Remove Scene Transition #

Box Name Type Description
sceneName String Scene name that has a temporary transition added to it


Set Transition Settings #

Changes the current settings of a transition. Same as going to your OBS and clicking on ‘Properties’ in your Scene Transitions.
Example: {"transition_match": "Fade","switch_percentage": 30,"easing_match": 2,"position_in": 10}

You can retrieve your current transition settings by executing a Custom Packet command with the following JSON: {"request-type":"GetTransitionSettings","transitionName":"YOURTRANSITIONNAME","message-id":"6666"}

Box Name Type Description
TransitionName String Name of the transition to modify
transitionSettings JSON JSON string containing the transition settings


Release T-Bar #

Releases the transition bar (in Studio Mode), finishing the transition.
Same as user releasing their mouse button after moving it.


Set T-Bar Position #

Set the Transition Bar position (in Studio Mode).
If you need to perform multiple successive T-Bar moves (e.g. : in an animation, or in response to a user moving a T-Bar control in your User Interface), set release to false and execute Release Transition Bar command later once the animation/interaction is over.

Box Name Type Description
Position Float Value must be between 0.0 and 1.0.
Release Boolean True or False